Active versus passive management

Philipse & Co has been managing portfolios consisting of a combination of individual securities, investment funds and index-linked investments for 30 years. We have chosen to combine various approaches and thus benefit from the specific advantages presented by both active and passive (index-linked) investing.

Index trackers offer convenient access to global markets and sectors at low cost, but they are not the best solution in all market conditions. Index trackers are fully invested at all times, and the investor is therefore always exposed to the full market risk, also in a long-term bear market. Moreover, index trackers can never outperform the market average and there are a number of useful investment strategies that cannot be emulated using index trackers.

Partly for these reasons, Philipse & Co chooses to also include active investment solutions.  Obviously, Philipse & Co will only choose an actively managed investment solution if the risk-adjusted return justifies the additional costs and this is demonstrated consistently and over a longer period.

Philipse & Co also offers investment portfolios that consist entirely of index investments.