Discretionary management / Advisory services

Philipse & Co strives to achieve the best possible service through direct contact between the client and the asset manager, without the intervention of other parties. Regular discussion with the client builds a professional relationship of trust in which the desired policy is regularly reviewed. This is one of the reasons why Philipse & Co has grown and is now one of the 10 largest independent asset managers in the Netherlands. 

The most important element of successful asset management is that the strategy reflects the objectives, personal circumstances and wishes of the client.  Within the agreements made with the client regarding objectives, the investment horizon and the allocation of capital across the various investment categories, Philipse & Co strives to achieve the best possible result. 

Philipse & Co does not issue short-term forecasts. It works expressly on the basis of a long-term strategy. The policy is designed to achieve gradual and stable accumulation of capital with a strong focus on limiting downside risk. Philipse & Co is convinced that realising a good and relatively stable return over a long period ultimately leads to above-average capital accumulation. To be able to achieve this, large-scale losses must be limited as far as possible. A portfolio that suffers a loss of 50% will have to appreciate by 100% just to return to its former level. Partly for this reason, our investment policy is not designed to outperform a particular benchmark or index each year. It is designed to realise an attractive return over the long term with limited downside risk.

Although we do not follow benchmarks in designing our investment policy, our regular reporting  includes various comparative measures presenting a fair impression of the portfolio’s relative performance.

The extent to which the client wishes to be involved with the investment portfolio determines the choice of service: discretionary management and/or advisory services. Philipse & Co also offers sufficient flexibility for individual requirements within a managed portfolio, so that the final composition reflects the specific preferences and wishes of the client.

Asset management:

For assets of € 1 million or more 

Asset consultancy

Advice on the structuring of assets of larger clients, including portfolio composition 

Asset analysis:

In cooperation with independent specialists, we analyse the client’s total assets, including consideration of issues such as endowments, gifts and succession planning.