Important characteristics

Distinctive style

Often for the sake of efficiency, many banks and asset managers look at the similarities between their clients and translate these into standard investment profiles. Philipse & Co on the other hand is focussed on the differences between its clients and offers a tailor-made service with plenty of scope for specific requirements. The portfolio manager is also the contact person for the client. This avoids misunderstandings, and specific wishes or circumstances can be catered for directly.


Philipse & Co is independent in the selection of investments, so that every investment decision is fully objective. Philipse & Co does not offer any in-house products, so that there can never be a conflict of interest. The partners of Philipse & Co invest in the same investments as their clients.


Founded in 1987, Philipse & Co is one of the first independent asset managers in the Netherlands. Since all the shares in Philipse & Co are held by the partners, long-term commitment and continuity is guaranteed.


The securities and cash balances are held at reputable financial institutions which are also responsible for the banking services such as order execution, reporting, payments and the provision of credit (if applicable). Philipse & Co is the sole contact point for the client and monitors that all banking services are carried out correctly. This ensures a high standard of service and that clients are helped quickly and personally. Our clients benefit from the preferential rates that Philipse & Co can negotiate with the banks.


Philipse & Co works with a large number of financial institutions and fund managers and as an independent party has access to the international research of analysts at various banks, including Credit Suisse, HSBC, ABN AMRO and KBC.  This gives us access to a wide range of information, knowledge and analysis of various markets and investments. In addition, Philipse & Co has an extensive network of legal experts, tax advisers and accountants that is available to our clients on request.