Investment process

The investment process begins with a thorough analysis of the client’s personal situation. Besides relevant aspects such as the nature and size of the assets, income, expenses and tax matters, this includes consideration of the client’s wishes and expectations. The objective and investment horizon are then established, as well as the risk that the client is willing and able to accept. We can only start once it is clear what our client wishes to achieve and what time periods need to be taken account of in order to achieve their goals.

Since both people and their environments change, establishing an optimal structure is not a one-off process. There need to be regular checks to establish whether the structure and asset allocation are still optimally designed in view of the current personal circumstances.

The investment policy is fully designed to reflect the client’s wishes and also takes account of current market conditions. Good knowledge of the financial markets and the various aspects of the investment process are essential to achieving an optimal return and control of risk.