Reporting / Agreement


Our clients have access to all their portfolio information via a secure internet connection and/or their smartphone, including the performance of the portfolio, deposits and withdrawals and purchase and sale transactions. Reports may also be printed out for any desired period.

Clients can view a current asset report in their personal digital file at least once a quarter. This report will show information including the value, the portfolio composition and the net results as well as the transactions executed. All the interim account transaction statements are also available in the digital file.

An explanation of the portfolio will be provided in a separate quarterly newsletter, giving a summary of the policy pursued and an account of the economic developments.

Reports and other information may also be provided in physical form on request.


The agreement with the custodian bank states that Philipse & Co is authorised to manage the assets and/or provide advice to the client. This ensures and guarantees that there is 100% separation between the assets held at a depositary bank of the client’s choice and Philipse & Co.

The agreement between the client and Philipse & Co among other things states the objective, the desired risk profile and the guidelines. The client thus determines the general principles of the policy to be pursued and any applicable limitations in advance.