Supervision and Registration

Philipse & Co is officially registered as an asset manager with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), operates under the supervision of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), and is affiliated to the Financial Ombudsman Service (KiFiD). All our partners are registered in one or more registers of the Dutch Securities Institute (DSI). Please also visit:

Downloads AFM

A number of industry organisations including the Dutch Banking Association took an initiative in 2014 to improve the quality of the investment policy applied to services focused on private clients across the sector. This initiative led to two documents.

The AFM requires that all investment firms publish these documents on their websites and reflect them in their working practices. Philipse & Co supports this and has provided its clients with an information memorandum which among other things addresses the issues the AFM mentions in these documents.

Remuneration policy at Philipse & Co

The remuneration policy at Philipse & Co is conservative, sustainable and in accordance with the strategy, risk appetite, objectives and values of Philipse & Co. This takes account of the longer term interests of Philipse & Co, the relevant international context and public opinion. The remuneration policy of Philipse & Co consists only of a fixed component and does not include any variable or revenue-related remuneration. Philipse & Co pays its employees salaries that are in line with the market.

The ‘Investment policy for private clients manual’ describes what may be expected of a high quality investment policy. It also provides the investment firm with a practical guide for testing quality by means of an extensive questionnaire and improving this where necessary.

The ‘Consumer letter on investment policy’ consists of questions that the client can put to the asset manager or adviser to obtain a good impression of the investment policy that is applied. This document can contribute to better insight into the investment policy in use and the assessment of whether this policy is suitable for the client.