Sustainability is an increasingly important issue for both foundations and associations as well as for private investors. We choose sustainable solutions where possible in our investment policy and our activities. 

This means that we take account of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria in our investment policy.  In practical terms, this means that we do not invest in companies if we are aware that they systematically contravene regulations applying to human rights, labour conditions, the environment and/or corruption. Philipse & Co also does not invest in companies known to be engaged in the production of controversial weapons.  The ESG criteria are a permanent element in our multi-manager selection and monitoring process.

Management of sustainable portfolios is available at Philipse & Co on request. While the offering of sustainable funds or index trackers is still limited, it is certainly possible to construct a well-diversified sustainable portfolio. For clients with stricter requirements regarding sustainability, Philipse & Co can have a review conducted by an independent agency that specialises in research and study in the field of ESG criteria. Companies in which investment is made either directly or through funds will then be regularly screened for the major sustainability criteria.